Bhutan is known as the land of gross national happiness. It is also the land of happiness for any photographer. The country is filled with preserved culture, brilliant colors and wildlife. A trip to Bhutan requires careful planning and a cultural guide (as per Visa regulations). To help with trip planning and as a preview of what a photographer may want to shoot in Bhutan, I have prepared a book,  Bhutan: A Photographic Journey. You can pick it up in print or download for easy reference during your trip. Get it on your Apple device via the Apple bookstore or at


Bhutan is filled with so many photographic opportunities that it called for writing a book as a guide to some of the best locations. The book Bhutan, A Photographic Journey is available as an ebook through the Apple bookstore at iTunes Bookstore, or in hardcover through Blurb at Blurb Hardcover. I have included location information and camera settings, but it also makes for a good picture or coffee table book as well. Hopefully for those about to travel to Bhutan it offers photographic inspiration and advice, or a souvenir for those returning.

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